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The sufficiency of clean water is a worldwide concern – AI helps to optimize water processing

Tekniikka&Talous (Technology & Business), a Finnish news magazine that is focused on technology and innovations, wrote about Digital Colloids Project in September. ColloidTek is proud to take part in helping to understand the modern ways to process water.

Short summary of the article in English;

The sufficiency of clean water is a worldwide concern, and research and development of water processing and optimizing water purification is a growing segment in clean tech. Digital Colloids Project in Tampere University of Technology (TUT) aims to more efficient control of colloid processes with a new measurement system, utilizing process data, AI and machine learning.

Digital Colloids Project related research was done during last summer in Hiedenranta area in Tampere, measuring functions of a micro algae growth pilot process with ColloidTek liquids analyzer, among other measurements.

Prof. Erkki Levänen, head of TUT Materials Science laboratory and the leader of Digital Colloids Project, tells that optimizing the continuously and accurately adjusted water purification process is one of the goals of the project.

This news, originally published in TUT website, was featured in several other news magazines;

  • Promaint – magazine specialized in maintenance
  • Vesitalous – magazine specialized in water industry
  • Kuntatekniikka – magazine specialized in municipal engineering

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