Unlock Liquid Enigmas With

Collo Lab Analyzer

Portable and easy-to-use liquid analyzer for instant, real-time monitoring of liquids.

new, unique technology

The EMF-based Collo Lab Analyzer measures dielectric properties that are linked to the physical characteristics of liquids – such as conductivity, viscosity and many more. 

It creates a unique “Liquid Fingerprint” based on how each liquid interacts with the electromagnetic field, providing incredibly detailed insights about liquid properties.

benefits for...


Track all quality requirements with one analyzer. Respond faster to quality issues. Prevent contamination from hazardous materials.


Advance research with new, detailed insights from even hard-to-measure reactions and liquids. Screen raw materials before production. Seamless data management.

product development

Speed  up product testing and development with immediate insights and real-time results.

the collo probe

the collo probe

LA Collo Probe image 1 d 1500 x 2437

advanced analytics with labui

Advanced analytics image 1 c 1500 x 1838
Advanced analytics image 2 c 1500 x 1838

advanced analytics with lab ui

technical specifications

  • Components: Collo Probe, Windows 10 industrial PC/Tablet, LabUI software
  • Probe dimensions: 263mm, Width: 37mm.
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Measurement principle: Electromagnetic
  • Measurement volume: A few cubic cm from the sensor head
  • Sampling interval: 1 s
  • Minimum sampling size: 2.5 dl
  • Materials: Stainless steel body, PEEK sensor shaft
  • Sensor surface: Borosilicate
  • Gasket: Viton
  • Liquid viscosity range: Unlimited
  • Liquid dry mass range: Unlimited

unlock genius level liquid analysis

upgrade quality control


advance your research


speed up product development


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