Real Time Liquids Control

Real-time process data

with inline analyzer

Process insights

with analytics

Increased Process Performance

ColloProbe analyzer

Collo Analyzer

Unique inline liquid sensor technology provides extremely broad capabilities for process optimization. Continuous, real-time analysis can be used for detecting various types of changes in the liquids process, related to changes in dissolved chemicals or liquid phase changes.

Collo technology enables you to understand the dynamics of your liquid process. Based on RF-technology, Collo sensor is durable and virtually maintenance free.

Data & Analytics

Collo uses advanced analytics and algorithms to extract proprietary features from liquid that are linked to its chemical and physical changes. Real-time data can be converted into useful parameters for process monitoring, and analysis can be used for detecting critical phases for process optimization.

Optimize process steps: Mixing time | Removing gas from liquid | Sedimentation time | Polymerization time | Chemical reaction time | Energy to break particles | Crystallization | And more

Control liquid quality: Raw materials quality | Process quality | Final product quality


Monitor process parameter: Chemical concentration | Oil/Fat concentration | Particle size | Viscosity of resin | Dry mass | And more

Collo Cloud user interface

Collo Probe Technical Specifications

ColloProbe analyzer

Collo Plate Technical Specifications

Unique Benefits of Collo

Any liquid, any viscosity

Any chemicals, phases, solids, dry mass, thickness or viscosity

Very low maintenance & robust

Can run years without maintenance

PPM-level sensitivity

Automation integration

100% digital

Collo Probe analyzer

Continuous & real-time

Measures what you want t o measure

No cryptic parameters

Future proof

E.g. switch to new chemicals

Withstands dirt

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