Advanced Process Control:

Ultimate Liquid Process

With Collo Liquid Analyzer System

Benefits of advanced process control in manufacturing process
Our Vision

Sustainable Process Performance

Our vision is to transform the productivity and environmental footprint of manufacturing industry. Our technology enables smarter decisions by bringing real-time transparency to industrial liquid processes.

With our advanced process control, factories can:

Boost Your Factory

Real-time, comprehensive view to the state of liquid is the basis for smarter process decisions. Collo Liquid Fingerprint technology enables customers to increase process transparency, achieve advanced process control and increase efficiency of industrial liquid processes.

Collo offers very broad capabilities for liquid process optimization. Collo can detect changes in solids content and liquids phase composition, as well as in chemical composition.

Table of Collo’s capabilities for industrial process control
Collo’s advanced process control benefits various industries

Any liquid, any viscosity

Collo’s unique electromagnetic field (EMF) enables its use in liquids where other sensors have no chance to survive. Collo Analyzer can be used with paints, adhesives and ceramic slurries, but it works just as well in clean water or any other liquid.

The technology can be used for any liquid with any dry mass or any viscosity.


Real-time process transparency

Comprehensive, real-time information about the state of your process liquid.

Any liquid. Any viscosity. Any dry mass.

Collo is universally applicable to all liquids from thin to thick, such as thick ceramic slurries, paint, glue, clean and raw water and more.

Revolutionary control

Information drives better decisions. Collo provides analytics and tools to utilize the Liquid Fingerprint information for process optimization.

Increased productivity

Identify low performance process steps. Supercharge your productivity by optimizing individual process steps.

Optimized quality

Increase the process quality, process stability, and automate quality control with real-time data.

Saving money while saving the environment

Unoptimized processes tend to create a lot of waste. Optimized factory runs greener, and consumes less energy, materials, chemicals, and generates less scrap, while minimizing disposal costs.

Data examples of Collo enhanced quality control and optimization
Advanced Process Optimization

Analytics Tools

Collo provides three main analytical tools for liquid process optimization:

1. Single variable monitoring

2. Process step optimization

3. Advanced quality control

Liquid Fingerprint


Collo combines an innovative Electromagnetic field (EMF)-sensor technology with signal processing, analytics and data processing technologies, creating an integrated solution to measure “liquid fingerprints”.

Different liquids have different response to the EMF-field, and any type of changes in the liquid can be detected. Collo extracts certain features relating to the changes in the field and this data is then processed with Collo’s signal and data analytics algorithms to form a liquid fingerprint. With this unique fingerprint, advanced process control is achieved.

Mine data from liquids with contactless EMF-sensor

Create insights - Analytics, AI, Big data, Cloud

New understanding on complex liquid processes

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