Every liquid has
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Collo Technology

Collo sensor:

Inline measurement system

The unique feature of Collo Analyzer is its electromagnetic field (EMF) sensor, which measures directly immersed in the fluid. The EMF-sensor “sees” the electromagnetic components of the fluid in front of it, and through Collo’s proprietary algorithm these components are linked with physical properties, such as chemical composition, phase change or surface change. The sensor is installed to measure inline the process. 

Liquid Fingerprint Technology principle
Signal processing illustration of liquid analysis data

Advanced Signal Processing

Collo simultaneously monitors two electromagnetic features: Collo Permittivity (CP) and Collo Ion Viscosity (CIV). These features are extracted from the liquid by processing the electromagnetic response of the liquid. Together, the CP and CIV create the Collo liquid fingerprint for each liquid.

Collo Liquid Fingerprint

Every liquid and mixture have a unique response to the applied EMF. This response can be used to identify the state and composition of the liquid. Collo uses the CP and CIV to, for example, create a 2D-fingerprint plot that will detect and follow the liquid process parameters.

Collo inline measurement system is so sensitive that it can distinguish two very slightly differing liquids from each other, as illustrated in the image.

Liquid analysis of wines
Collo capabilities in liquid analysis

Broad capabilities for process optimization

The two main electromagnetic features monitored by Collo, CP and CIV, are found to correlate closely to the actual properties. CP is found to respond well to physical changes, such as a phase change, particle size, solids content, homogenization, etc. CIV is more sensitive to chemical concentrations, dissolving processes, free ion mobility and impurities. Together they contain almost the entire spectrum of what can be measured from a fluid.

Collo Analyzer cloud systems data centre

100% digital

From the analyzer forward everything is 100% digital. That means no data loss, signal decay or aging artifacts. This enables the full utilization of established next generation technology breakthroughs, such as remote monitoring, IOT, and big data analysis with the Collo inline measurement system.

Collo utilizes cloud architecture based on Microsoft Azure, and is deployed as a secure solution. It can also be easily integrated to automation systems with standard digital interference, such as OPC/UA.

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