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ColloidTek Oy (Collo) was founded after extensive scientific reaserch of liquids in Tampere University by it's founders and key personnel. Collo developes and commercializes the Collo technology for various business sectors, helping customers better understand and develop their liquid processes.

Collo People

Core Team

Collo core operational team consist of world-class developer, researchers and business operatives, each highly skilled in their respective fields and enthusiastic to transform the manufacturing industry.

Matti Järveläinen, DSc (Tech)
CEO - Founder
Teemu Yli-Hallila, MSc
CTO - Founder
Sebastian de Mel, Fil. yo.
CIO - Co-Founder
Mikko Tielinen, MSc
Head of Sales
Niko Järvelä, MSc
Senior Product Developer
Arto Ojuva, DSc (Tech)
Head of Laboratory
Tuuli Potila, BBA
Marketing Manager
Aaretti Kaleva, MSc
Product Deployment Manager
Collo People


Kimmo Korhonen
Chairman of the Board
Timo Kronqvist
Board member
Raimo Korhonen
Board member
Paavo Räisänen
Board member


ColloidTek Oy
Visiokatu 4,
33720 Tampere,

Key contacts:

Matti Järveläinen

CEO - Founder

Mikko Tielinen

Head of Sales
358 40 728 4135

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