Collo Lab Analyzer


New technology

  • Unique electromagnetic field technology that measures valuable information from any liquid and a variety of reactions and phenomena.
  • Advanced algorithms convert the measured data into analysis-friendly form.
  • Instant measurement gives fast, real time results on the graphics display, with adjustable intervals.

Optimize your R&D

  • Enhance your laboratory experiments, simulated processes and analysis by observing the whole cycle of complex reactions in real time.
  • Advance your research by obtaining invaluable data for R&D purposes with increased versatility and reliability.
  • Drive innovation with our easy-to-use Collo Lab Analyzer.
  • Optimize your R&D projects by monitoring defoamer performance, product shelf life, fermentation, coagulation, hardening reactions, flocculation and more.

any Liquid, Any Phenomena

Previously complicated phenomena to measure, can now be observed in real time, accurately and with ease.

  • Monitor phase changes, reaction speed, sedimentation.
  • Observe particle size growth, ion exchange and crystallization.
  • Measure any phenomena that used to be complicated, such as gelation and polymerization.
  • Monitor defoamer performance, product shelf life, coagulation, hardening reactions, flocculation
  • Analyze reaction time and reaction kinetics in real-time.
  • Observe bioprocesses in real-time, such as fermentation, algae & bioreactor.

Easy to use

The portable Collo Lab Analyzer allows for on-the-go measurement, so you can bring the device where it’s the most convenient, no samples needed.

  • Portable and easy-to-use liquid analyzer.
  • Minimal set-up required before measurement.
  • Measure multiple parameters simultaneously, including temperature.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, straighforward shape and robust materials.
  • Fast, real-time results on a graphic display, with customizable intervals.

Intuitive Analytics

Complete end-to-end liquid analysis system includes a user interface with functions designed for the needs of laboratory & R&D use.

  • Designed for laboratory personnel
  • Easy to use with minimal set-up
  • Switch between graphs and parameters without disturbing the measurement.
  • Add your own annotations & limits and customize measurement intervals.
  • Export data conveniently to CSV-format for further analysis.

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