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Colloidtek met with the Ministry of Water Resources of China in Tampere

The Ministry of Water Resources of China, together with a group of Chinese hydro industry experts, visited Finland in October 2019. The aim of this second visit to Tampere region was to gain further understanding on Finnish hydro industry. The guests were especially interested in hydrological policies and implementation, urban hydrological measurement and flood control, as well as water resource management and circular economy in Finland.

Chairman of the board Kimmo Korhonen and product developer Niko Järvelä introduced ColloidTek to the Chinese delegation in an event organized by Business Tampere on October 23rd. Korhonen and Järvelä showed the audience demonstrations of measuring and analyzing liquids with Collo Liquids Analyzer, adding knowledge and increasing interest around the topic among the hydro industry specialists.

The visit of the Ministry of Water Resources of China was hosted by Business Tampere, the economic development agency of Tampere region. Business Tampere promotes investments, attracts talents and creates the best environment for business in the region.

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