Signing the shareholder agreement

ColloidTek Oy spins off from Tampere University of Technology

We are very proud to announce that a company called ColloidTek Oy is now founded. ColloidTek analyzes fingerprints of liquids and works for commercializing an online analyzer for recognizing changes in them. We can for instance measure thick emulsions such as oil; suspensions like ceramic slurries or paints; or water. From these complex liquids we analyze, homogeneity, flocculation and particle-particle interaction. All this online in a robust solution.

We have prepared for this for 2 years in a Tekes-funded commercialization project and have our minimum viable product right behind the corner. Stay tuned!

The founding members are Teemu Yli-Hallila, Matti Järveläinen, Ilkka Sillanpää, Kimmo Korhonen, Raimo Korhonen, Timo Kronqvist and Sebastian de Mel.

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ColloProbe Analyzer in water
Collo Solution

Real-time process liquid control with inline analysis and continuous data.

Liquid analysis digital fingerprint illustration
Collo Technology

Every liquid has a fingerprint that Collo technology analyzes.

Collo process control solution data wave illustration
Collo Analytics

Advanced algorithms for optimized process performance.