ColloidTek Prize of Excellence Certificate from Nanjing Tech Week 2020

ColloidTek wins the Prize of Excellence in Start-ups Innovation during Nanjing Tech Week.

ColloidTek received a Prize of Excellence from Nanjing Tech Week jury and was selected in the Top 10 IOT industry tech innovations in the Start-up Innovation competition. Overall, ColloidTek’s Liquid Fingerprint -solution was ranked as No. 6 among all the projects from China, Germany, Japan, the US, etc. in the Gate Pop Tech Competition – Qinhuai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Nanjing Tech Week 2020

Nanjing Tech Week is one of the biggest technology innovation events in China. The event is hosted annually in Nanjing, China, and attracts large companies all around the world to showcase their boundless technological innovations and advancements. Nanjing Tech Week 2020 focuses on “high-value innovation, development and lifestyles” and connects both domestic and overseas talents. Nanjing Tech Week 2020 is organized virtually on June 22.-26. due to the current Covid-19 situation.

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ColloProbe Analyzer in water
Collo Solution

Real-time process liquid control with inline analysis and continuous data.

Liquid analysis digital fingerprint illustration
Collo Technology

Every liquid has a fingerprint that Collo technology analyzes.

Collo process control solution data wave illustration
Collo Analytics

Advanced algorithms for optimized process performance.