Introducing our new retailer: Barnigrado

Collo’s team has expanded to Spain! We now work with Barnigrado, our official retailer for the Collo Lab Analyzer in Spain. Barnigrado offers solutions for the analysis and control in the production and quality of liquid manufacturing processes.

Barnigrado was established in 2010. Industrial engineers with extensive experience in the fields of production, maintenance and planning came together to improve production and control processes in the food industry. This was done by switching unprofitable traditional methods to modern efficient methods.

Initially, Barnigrado focused on helping companies in the wine sector. However, their operations now cover tomato, beer, soft drinks, juices and dairy sections. Barnigrado’s main objective is to help customers increase traceability of the production process, increase performance and reduce costs.

Barnigrado resells liquid analyzers that allow companies to automate the quality control process of liquid products. One of them is the Collo Lab Analyzer. Additionally, Barnigrado offers technical maintenance services and training that helps the customer operate the equipment in the most profitable way.

“At BARNIGRADO we are specialists in providing solutions for production and quality control in the manufacturing processes of liquid products. Our main objective is to reduce costs and increase the performance of your company, for this we offer you solutions based on your real needs. We define ourselves as restless people, wanting to improve and modernize things.”

Collo is looking forward to working with Barnigrado.

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