Collo is supported by a seed investment round by | ColloidTek News

Collo is supported by a seed investment round by

ColloidTek aims to increase the safety of liquids and to save resource, and acquires seed investment to finalize its first solutions and their production method to better serve its first scalable customer verticals.

“We at ColloidTek are happy to announce, that our proprietary solution for liquids analyzing is supported by a seed investment round by“, declares Matti Järveläinen, CEO of ColloidTek. “With the support of this funding round, we will ramp up our operations. We plan to target selected customer verticals, and to build up our first solutions to serve the customers even better.” ColloidTek is already working with dozens of customers across several sectors: water, chemical and mining, food and beverage, ceramic, oil and paint, and coating.

The market size of online liquid analysis is already at an average of €5 billion and is expected to grow to €10 billion over the next five years. Especially the increased security regulations in the food and beverage industry, and an increase in water processing and process development, has sped up growth in the field. Moreover, the transformation from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0 makes the development of the field even more intriguing, as products and processes are designed increasingly based on data and machine learning. Investment Director Paavo Räisänen states, that is excited to jump on board to help to pave the way: “Collo’s team has been able to apply their research-originated liquid analysis technology to various real life customer use cases already in the pre-seed stage – the list of validated benefits of the technology is impressive, and the team is just getting started. I see a huge opportunity in bringing online analysis to industries that have traditionally relied on lab measurements.”

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