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Delegation from Nanjing met with ColloidTek in Finland

ColloidTek was part of Business Finland delegation that visited Nanjing in China back in June, and participated the Nanjing Innovation Week 2019. In August it was time for a return visit, and a delegation of officials from Nanjing region arrived to Finland to get to know local companies, technologies and innovations.

Delegation from Nanjing met with ColloidTek in FinlandDuring the trip the Nanjing Qinhuai delegation visited Finnish Water Forum, an association that brings together companies, research, education and ministries that are working in fields related to water. In Finnish Water Forum, Wen Yanzhao from ColloidTek held a presentation about Collo sensor and  measurement technology. The Chinese delegation was impressed with Finnish technology development overall, and interested in the possibilities to utilize Collo sensor in detecting changes in the quality of water. As also written earlier in ColloidTek blog, the sufficiency of clean water is a worldwide concern, and optimizing water purification is a growing segment in clean tech.

The leader of the delegation, Mr Hui Jing from the standing committee of Qinhuai district, says that he is already planning the next visit to Finland, to bring more representatives of Chinese high-tech companies to get to know Finnish companies and technologies. ColloidTek is happy to see more international guests visiting Finland, and to continue cooperation with technology companies from greater Nanjing region.

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