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Developed measuring and sensor technologies can detect changes in tap water in real time

ColloidTek, together with Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University, is developing a method for detecting changes in water supply network quickly and economically. Tekniikka&Talous (Technology & Business), a Finnish news magazine that is focused on technology and innovations, wrote about a project in February 2019.

The development project is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, and the aim is to research and develop a cost-effective method to control the quality of tap water and minimize the related risks with sensors that are attached to the water supply network. These sensors can detect problems and undesirable changes in the quality of the water right after it has been contaminated. This information is sent to the personnel in responsible of the water supply in real time, and they can react and minimize the harmful consequences quickly.

Matti Järveläinen, the CEO of ColloidTek, says that the idea is that the sensor works as an alarm device when the quantity of a chemical, solid particles or microbes increases. Measuring in real time supports with controlling the risk factors related to water quality, and at the same time increases understanding of the functionality of the water processing.

The sensor and measuring technology developed by ColloidTek enables monitoring the quality of liquids in real time, even outside a container, or a water pipe. The basis of the technology is measuring changes in a MHz-range radio wave pulse, and utilizing machine learning to determine those changes and the cause of the changes accurately and quickly. ts

Read more from the article published in Tekniikka & Talous (in Finnish).

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