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Radio signal discloses the consistency of a liquid

Finnish print magazine Metallitekniikka (Metal Technology) wrote about features and possibilities Collo Liquids Analyzer in September 2018. Abstract of the article was published in Tekniikka&Talous (Technology & Business), a news magazine focused on technology and innovations.

The following shortly summarizes the article in English.

Finnish innovation identifies the fingerprint of a liquid

ColloidTek has developed a method to recognize dissolved chemicals and particles with MHz-range radio wave pulse measuring technology. The gained spectrum, the fingerprint of the liquid, is transmitted to a computer that analyses the data by comparing it to a database. The latest application measures the quality of cutting fluids in metal technology.

With Collo® system quality of different liquids can be measured easily and continuously. The measuring equipment is small, durable and in practice maintenance-free. It can be connected to the process control system, to automate also the adjustment of the liquid composition. Liquid measurement can be done either with an immersible sensor through a container, or with flange connected to a metallic pipe.

Collo reduces manual work and improves quality

Collo Liquids Analyzer can be used in different industries and companies: those whose final product is liquid, like paint manufacturers; those whose product is in liquid form at some point of the production, like pulp producers; and those, who use liquids in the manufacturing process, like metal or mining industry.

In metal industry most of the current measuring methods are based on manual samples, and also the process adjustment is a manual process. Currently used sensors often can’t provide exact analysis of the consistency and chemistry of the liquid. To get reliable results, one option is to take samples and analyze them in laboratory, but that is a slow process and the results can vary depending on when and where the sample was taken.

Mikko Tielinen, the sales manager of ColloidTek says, that Collo® system brings several benefits to customers, like quality improvements, identifying reasons behind quality problems, process optimization, reducing material and energy loss, shortening process turnaround and enhancing productivity.

Read more from the article published in Tekniikka & Talous (in Finnish).

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