Introducing Collo “8 senses” – get even more information about liquids

Collo takes a gigantic technological leap from 2D fingerprint to 8D fingerprint. 

Collo technology team has made significant advancements in our ability to extract data from liquids in real time. After long product development, Collo technology is able to extract 8 signals from liquids.

Previously, Collo separated 2 independent signals from liquids, now Collo can separate up to 8 signals from liquids simultaneously, in real time. This “8 senses” feature enables more efficient application of modern data analysis techniques and machine learning, and opens entirely new doors to process optimization. Previously, we had a two-dimensional fluid fingerprint (2D Fingerprint), but now we have an eight-dimensional fluid fingerprint (8D Fingerprint). This gigantic technology leap from 2D fingerprint to 8D fingerprint opens a new world in liquids process performance monitoring and optimization. 

Our vision of an efficient and more environmentally friendly manufacturing industry is becoming easier to implement with this technology. 

How does the 8D fingerprint differ from the 2D fingerprint? 

In the 2D fingerprint, Collo could simultaneously extract two independent signals from liquids. This allows Collo to monitor two parameters and their joined position on the fingerprint map. 

In the 8D fingerprint, Collo can simultaneously extract 8 signals from liquids. This allows Collo to monitor 8 parameters, which improves Collo’s ability to separate several simultaneous changes in the liquid. Depicted below are illustrations of the 8-dimensional fingerprint with common household liquids. Each liquid has a unique fingerprint. Because of the universal scaling and size of these images, some fingerprints may look similar (such as coffee and vinegar) but in reality, are vastly different.

8D fingerprint significantly increases the possibilities f process control.  

new “8 senses” feature allows for an increased number of parameters measured simultaneously. The “8 senses” technology extracts 8 signals from processes, allowing Collo to form an even more comprehensive liquid fingerprint. With an 8-dimensional liquid fingerprint it becomes possible to detect and distinct multiple simultaneous changes in liquid process in real time.

For example, in a complex process, where multiple components change simultaneously, this feature significantly increases your ability to monitor and control those individual components accurately. The process can be “taught” to Collo by installing Collo inline analyzer into the process line, and simultaneously taking lab analysis samples from the process. Then the lab test data can be analyzed and compared to Collo’s signals to gain an understanding of what type of changes in Collo’s signals links with the changes in the process. 

As a recent development, the full extent of the capabilities of the “8 senses” technology have not yet been mapped, but the results are promising. We are excited to see this technology utilized in liquid processes. 

Imagine an even more comprehensive view of your liquid process.  

Real-time, comprehensive view to the state of liquid is the basis for smarter process decisions. ColloidTek provides customers with multi-component measurement, which enables better analysis and process optimization of complex liquid processes consisting of several components / raw materials and with varying concentrations. 

The Collo® sensor technology is an online measurement technology based on short-spectrum analysis of electromagnetic field. The analyzer can be installed inline into the process, where it measures the state of the liquid continuously and in real-time. Our advanced algorithms convert the signal into measurable variables. This gives full transparency into the process, and with the increased information, Collo helps increase the accuracy of process control.

Collo can detect virtually any change in fluids and their processing and enable streamlining and optimization of fluid processes. It is still suitable for all types of liquids from “thin to thick” such as slurries, gels, emulsions, pastes, creams, suspensions, or just pure water. Liquid processes can be analysed and optimized using liquid fingerprints.

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