Liquid fingerprint enables real-time water quality management.

ColloidTek and Oy Lining Ab started a cooperation project to develop the quality management of new generation water processes.

The pilot project develops an analysis solution for real-time monitoring of water and wastewater quality and, for example, detecting quality deviations for Finnish customers. The quality management solutions used in the field are based on measuring ph, pressure, turbidity, water volume, or flow, among other things. The aim of the joint project is to monitor water quality more closely with new technologies.

Tampere-based start-up company ColloidTek develops and manufactures the Collo Liquid Analyzer analysis solution. Collo’s continuously measuring inline liquid sensor technology offers broad possibilities for optimizing the process. The technology creates a real-time electromagnetic fingerprint of the measured liquid, enabling real-time monitoring of the process fluid. “Each liquid has a unique fingerprint that enables changes and quality deviations in the liquid to be detected,” says Matti Järveläinen, CEO of ColloidTek. “Our technology is unique and a completely new solution in the industry.”

Real-time measurement would enable, for example, the detection of clean water contamination even before water ended up in the network or for consumers, preventing illnesses and reducing maintenance needs. Continuous real-time measurement can automate water quality monitoring. Oy Lining Ab is the market leader in its field, specializing in technical solutions for clean water and wastewater lines and plants, with strong expertise in, for example, equipment wells, regional measurement systems, tank systems, and water network management. The collaborating analysis solution supports and strengthens existing systems, developing water management, and quality management across the industry. The aim of the pilot project is to find a suitable application and a process in which real-time IoT solutions would bring significant benefits to customers.

“We expect that through cooperation, we will find new, innovative solutions that will enable us to create clear added value for our customers and the industry as a whole,” says Tapio Mäki, Business Manager at Lining Oy. “We want to bring the latest technology to the industry and develop solutions that benefit water consumers and water plants.”

The pilot project is expected to run until 31 May 2021.

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